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Gary Nanson

In Your Mind's Eye


Gary Nanson

Gary holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree and writes from the experience of a 33 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Serving as a policeman in South Central Los Angeles, Gary went on to hold the ranks of Detective, Sergeant and Lieutenant.

A predominant gang expert for the LAPD, Gary also testified as a Narcotics, Tactics, Use of Force and Law Enforcement Procedural expert.

Gary retired to the foothills of North San Diego County where he has now begun a new career as an author.


In Your Mind's Eye

Released March 2023

Media Group 114 is extremely proud and excited to share Gary Nanson's latest work, "In Your Mind's Eye." The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.

In Your Mind's Eye is a hard hitting, drama packed experience bringing the reader into the life of a Los Angeles Police Lieutenant who commits to giving all for the safety of those he protects.

With the heart of an educator, Gary reveals truths about gangs and the LAPD that are never spoken. Lies, corruption and political interference. Controversial? Absolutely.

Watch for the controversies to continue and to grow with the second in the series, Leave Doubt Behind, under construction now.

2024 / 2025 Indie Book Award

Finalist in two categories

Thriller category and Action Adventure category

5.03-6x9-Defiance Press-RA-93469-01 (1).jpg

Watch for the second book in the Jack Adams series
"Leave Doubt Behind"

Under construction now


Abstract Surface

Thomas Lorenzen

Commander, Los Angeles Police Department, ret

LAPD SWAT Commander

In the context of my 33 years with one of largest police departments in the country, I can say that this book is well worth the time. It is both entertaining and educational. Much to be learned here about gangs as well as the role politics play in modern policing. The scene in which Lt Adams is in class discussing gangs as a "culture" is particularly well done. Why can't gang behavior be changed, the lay person might ask? Because it's not just a pattern of behavior. It's a culture. Cultures don't change. Especially not under pressure by the criminal justice system.
The politics of modern policing are also well explained by the author. Police administrators today, at least most of them, are more influenced by their political bosses than anything else. And the tightrope they walk spreads exponentially downhill. The bad news is that almost every large department has a Commander Jelenick, or two. The good news is that they also have at least one Lt. Jack Adams. Thank Goodness for that.
Author Gary Nanson has done a great job skillfully bringing these issues to the reader. I look forward to his sequel.

R10David. Retired.

David Putnam - Best Selling Author

What a great read!


Don't miss this one told by someone who knows the streets, someone who has lived a life not experienced by the average person. This one will keep you up all night reading until you reach the end. I'll be first in line for his next one.

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